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Prevention Coalition

For a Vibrant Community

BestCare has a dynamic Prevention Program

in Jefferson County:

Substance Abuse Prevention: BestCare Prevention uses all six of the Prevention Strategies listed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, which include:  Sharing Information, Educating Youth and Adults, Providing opportunities for youth and adults to participate in drug- and alcohol-free activities, Identifying and referring individuals who need help, Bringing key stakeholders together, and Establishing Local Changes that promote wellness.

Suicide Prevention: Through local community members  who are certified trainers, free training is available to community members on Suicide Prevention, Postvention (to reduce risk and promote healing after a suicide loss), and Youth Leaders who train their peers in suicide prevention.


Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health First Aid teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in our community.


Complementing the community-based prevention coalition, BestCare Prevention uses evidence-based education programs, which have been researched and proven to work.

LifeSkills Training, developed by Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D., a leading expert in the field of substance use prevention. The LST program is backed by more than 30 years of rigorous and is a leading substance abuse and violence prevention program used in schools and communities.

Research-Validated by more than 30 published papers
Effective at reducing youth smoking, alcohol, marjuana, prescription medication misuse/abuse, violence, delinquency and more.

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Too Good for Drugs — A fun and comprehensive drug prevention program designed to reduce risk factors and build protection against problem behaviors. The curriculum teaches skills for peer pressure refusal, pro-social bonding, conflict resolution, and media literacy. Each skill is introduced in a sequence of lessons and is then reapplied in the drug-specific lessons (alcohol, marijuana, other drugs, and tobacco).


Perfect for parents, caretakers, educators, and other youth-serving agency staff, this curriculum was developed to cut through the complexity of very challenging topics and provide real solutions that can be applied immediately, rather than lots of theory or abstract ideas. Step-by-step instructions and guided discussion are provide for our classes.


Our Vision

Vibrant, trauma-informed, communities woven together by mental health promotion, equity, suicide prevention, substance abuse prevention, and problem gambling prevention.


Our Mission   

To reach Jefferson County’s full potential through progressive partnerships among community members and professionals.


Our Values     

Integrity| Inclusiveness | Enthusiasm


We utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework, a planning process for preventing substance use and misuse. The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer prevention professionals a comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related behavioral health problems facing their communities. The effectiveness of the SPF begins with a clear understanding of community needs and involves community members in all stages of the planning process. The Coalition is funded by the Oregon Health AuthoritySAMHSA and Community Partners.

We created a comprehensive Prevention Plan, aimed at eliminating substance abuse in our community, raising awareness of problem gambling, and teaching community members how to recognize someone at risk of suicide and connect them to available resources. It is our hope that you will join us on this journey. You can help as much or as little as you'd like.














Girls Circle  and The Council For Boys and Young Men — Promotes resilience and healthy relationships among children, youth, adults, and communities through research-based, gender-responsive models and best practices. 






















Suicide Prevention – The Connect Model

Much more than an off-the-shelf manual, on-line seminar or toolkit, BestCare Prevention uses the Connect model to provide evidence-based, customized training.

  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention increases our capacity in Jefferson County to prevent suicide across the lifespan by teaching community members and groups how to identify suicide warning signs and to help a person at risk. BestCare Prevention focuses on the community as a whole and how to work across systems to build a safety net for people at risk. BestCare Prevention also provides protocols for educators, community members, faith leaders, hospital emergency departments, law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse providers, military, primary care providers, and social services.


  • Postvention a community mobilization approach to promote healing and reduce risk after a suicide.


  • Youth Leader - Designated a National Best Practice program, BestCare’s Prevention Connect model uses a community-based approach to increase the competence and confidence of youth to recognize and respond to people at risk for suicide. Modified to be age and culturally appropriate for youth, the Connect curriculum has been carefully reviewed to follow recognized Prevention (Safe Messaging) Practices.



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Active Parenting of Teens — Provides parenting skills covering topics of styles of parenting, including parenting teens today, winning cooperation, responsibility, and discipline, building courage, redirecting misbehavior, Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence.

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