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"A Child Doesn't Come with a Book."


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SESSION I – The Active Parent

  • Teens today

  • Styles of parenting

  • Control vs. influence

  • Mutual respect

  • The method of choice

SESSION III - Responsibility and Discipline

  • Logical Consequences and More

  • Problem solving with FLAC

SESSION V - Drugs, Sexuality and Violence

  • Reducing the risks

  • Overview of the issues

  • Prevention Strategies 1-4 (focus on sexuality)

SESSION II - Winning Cooperation 

  • Who owns the problem?

  • Active communication with teens

  • The key of encouragement

SESSION IV - Building Courage, Redirecting Behavior

  • The Think-Feel-Do Cycle

  • Courage and self-esteem

  • Five goals of teen behavior

  • Eliminating power struggles

SESSION VI - Drugs, Sexuality and Violence

  • Prevention Strategies focus on

--  alcohol

--  tobacco, vape

--  other drugs

-- with supplemental information about gaming, problem gambling and screen time

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