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Grief, Trauma and Healing

In a July 1996 Time magazine article titled Rage Makes Me Strong, Susan Cohen, who lost her daughter in the terrorist bombing of Pam Am Flight 103, said:


“The very phrase ‘grief process’ tells it all. Bland, neutral words that have nothing to do with the personal hell we experience when we lose someone we love.”

Loss changes our lives.  We may feel  drawn deep into a vortex--disoriented, unable to find our way, and believing that things will never be “normal” again.

As we begin to heal, we begin to define a new normal. We begin to rise from the vortex. We find our way. And, we realize that grieving is indeed a process we experience as we heal.

The difference between bland, neutral words and healing begins with understanding that grief is not just an emotion. We experience grief physically and mentally after we experience a painful loss or a traumatic event. We can experience grief down to our soul--we can naturally question our spiritual beliefs. Each of us experiences grief differently—even though we may experience the same loss.

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