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BestCare has a dynamic Prevention Program in Jefferson County:

Substance Abuse Prevention: BestCare Prevention uses all six of the Prevention Strategies listed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, which include:  Sharing Information, Educating Youth and Adults, Providing opportunities for youth and adults to participate in drug- and alcohol-free activities, Identifying and referring individuals who need help, Bringing key stakeholders together, and Establishing Local Changes that promote wellness.

Suicide Prevention: Through local community members  who are certified trainers, free training is available to community members on Suicide Prevention, Postvention (to reduce risk and promote healing after a suicide loss), and Youth Leaders who train their peers in suicide prevention.


Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health First Aid teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in our community.

Trauma Resilience - A community-based approach  to transform potentially toxic stress into tolerable stress.