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  • Build community engagement


  • Provide Youth Support & Build Skills


  • Increase underage drinking perception of harm among adults and youth


  • Engage adults in safeguarding and monitoring alcohol at home


  • Engage adult siblings in not providing alcohol to underage youth


  • Reduce the amount of youth who are reporting 30-day use of alcohol

  • Reduce the amount of youth reporting 30-day use of marijuana


  • Increase adult knowledge about safeguarding marijuana and edibles


  • Reduce the amount of youth reporting 30 day misuse or abuse of prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) medication

  • Increase awareness of Secondhand smoke risk exposure to assure smoke-free events, activities, parks and playgrounds.


  • Engage community leaders and community members in resilience efforts.


  • Provide suicide prevention, postvention and Mental Health First Aid training to Jefferson County and to Veterans and faith groups in the tri-county area.


  • Increase gambling risk awareness.


  • Increase awareness of free gambling treatment resources.

Prevention Goals

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