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Juul Contains:


  • Nicotine - highly addictive and can impair your health

  • Glycerol - Used in making explosives and antifreeze (seriously--you want to smoke that stuff?)

  • Propylene Glycol - Used in antifreeze and found in food, plastics, and perfume.

  • Benzoic Acid - A Preservative used in food

  • Flavor - Unknown chemicals.

Keep in Mind: According to its website, Juul is manufactured in Shenzhen, China (the pods are made in the United States). In 2007, toys manufactured in China were recalled because they were coated with lead paint. Do you trust China with what you're putting in your lungs?

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Industry Brief: Juul Labs
“The Juul playbook is identical to what the tobacco industry has done for decades. They claim to care about public health, then they engaged in [social media] marketing whose primary appeal was to kids”.
Researchers from Stanford University published a report in January 2019 that examined JUUL’s marketing campaign from its launch in 2015 to autumn 2018, looking at the company’s ads, emails and social media content. The authors concluded that JUUL’s campaign, in its first six months, was “patently youth-oriented” and appeared to mirror well-known tobacco industry tactics. In fact, JUUL paid social influencers--people who have a large social media following--to promote its product. 

Inventing Conflicts of Interest: A History of Tobacco Industry Tactics "...The tobacco industry would launch a new strategy, largely unprecedented in the history of US industry and business: it would work to erode, confuse, and condemn the very science that now threatened to destroy its prized, highly popular, and exclusive product. But this would be no simple matter. After all, in the immediate postwar years—the dawn of the nuclear age—science was in high esteem. The industry could not denigrate the scientific enterprise and still maintain its public credibility, so crucial to its success."


Reporter: I wonder if ... you’re just, like, hoping that kids are now are too addicted to JUUL quit?

“So...I think that’s best left in the hands of people who work in Public help families and teens with substance dependence issues.”

Juul Labs’s co-founder, Adam Bowen, Netflix Series: Broken – Big Vape 57:08

So...In Other Words...

  • You can be the co-founder of a corporation that makes an unhealthy product that is addictive.

  • Then, you can market it to teens.

  • Then you can grow your net worth to $1.1 billion and

  • Then you expect the public to pick up the bill...

Got it...

Ditch Juul -Rats against animal testing.

You don't have to be a lab rat for big tobacco!

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