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Feelings When Needs are Not Met

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Feelings When Needs are Met

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Changes to Family Structure

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What Affects a Child’s Adjustment to Changes in the Family Structure?

  • The level of conflict

  • A stable environment

  • Maintaining relationships

  • Compassionate and validating listening

Children Have Been Witnesses Long Before the Breakup:

  • If there was conflict, chronic anger, hostility, verbal abuse or physical violence, children’s healing resilience may be more complex.

  • In these circumstances, children may experience relief after the breakup.

  • Children may adjust over time but they are often badly affected by violence, even while simultaneously feeling relief.

  • Parents can learn to handle conflict without violence or attempts to control the other parent.

  • If there was little conflict before the breakup, children may be confused.

  • Because they didn’t see much fighting, they may be shocked.

  • They may distrust their parents.

It’s Up to Parents and Families

  • For the most part, children need the involvement of both parents in their lives

  • Divorce affects children differently according to their stages of development

  • During divorce, children experience a series of stages of grief and loss

  • To make a difference in long-term wellness, it helps to develop positive ways of communicating, problem solving, and reducing conflict between parents and families.

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